Standard Version

This version is with default settings to set by the developer. Buy it now!

Modified Version

This version allows traders to adjust the trading parameters of the bot and trade with custom parameters. Try it now!

Unique Martingale Technique

Both Digit Hunter Bot Versions are with very special martingale technique to generate more profits.

You will download,

2 versions of Digit Hunter Bot This includes default version and the modified version on this binary bot. Try it now!

Bots for each market. You receive 7 bots per each version for each market. You don't need to change the market setting and trade types of the bot file. Try it now!

Bot instructions file. This file explains all the instructions required to running the bot. Please refer to this file before running the bot. Try it now!

Digit Hunter Binary Bot - Live Trading

Digit Hunter Binary Bot

Digit Hunter Binary Bot

Digit Hunter Binary Bot

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