Why you should trade Binary options in AUD?

Why you should trade Binary Options in AUD?

When compared to the other currencies available to trade in binary.com, AUD is with the lowest exchange rate. In Binary Options, 99% of the traders use martingale technique to recover the losses. If you have an AUD account, it will reduce the risk when martingale because it places less stake compared to the other currencies, USD, GBP and EUR. 

If you are using a Binary.com account in USD/GBP/EUR currency, Click here to open a AUD account is Binary.com 

11. Important factors to know when trading binary option bots.

  1. Binary Options trading is always risky. It's common for manual trading as well as bot trading.
  2. Binary Option Broker can always track your behavior. Therefore it is better to use following methods to avoid tracking.
  3. Binary Bots should not run continuously for long periods. It should stop with regular intervals. 
  4. If possible please use 2 or more binary option accounts of same broker. There are many problems in withdrawals arise when doing this. But you can avoid them with proper knowledge. If you are willing  to use this method, please contact our support team. We can help you in mitigating those issues
  5. If you are using several binary option accounts from the same broker, please use different e-wallets. 
  6. Use different browsers time to time. 
  7. Some countries are restricted by the brokers. Not all trading types are available for all countries. In this scenario, we can guide you on "How to open a trading account with all trade types". Please contact Support Team.
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