Magic Hedging Bot

The One and Only Bot that can Sync many bots together. When you set the same start time on both bots, start at same time and trade simultaneously. 

Includes 2 bots which take trades in opposite directions. Takes trades with RUN HIGH/ RUN LOW Method.

Special Feature to stop the both bots when both bots are not in Sync. Advance algorithms to sync all parameters of the bots.

Magic Hedging Bot

2 Bots are trading same time

You will receive Binary Bots for 7 markets available in platforms. 

Read the instructions document and watch the instructions video carefully before testing the bots. First run both bots in Virtual/ Demo account and understand how the bots are working. Have a clear understanding on error level stake.

Instructions to run the Magic Hedging Bot

Please follow the below steps

  • READ the Instructions Document and Watch the video
  • Setup Bot parameters according to your requirements
  • Set time 2 minutes ahead from your current time and start the bot
  • Error Level (Stake) - If you set "1" here, if the bots and not in sync and trade stake is higher than 1, bot will stop with a message "Error"
Magic Hedging Binary Bot

Instructions to run the Magic Hedging Bot

Please follow the below steps before running the Digit Hunter Bot


Setup the bot platform

Login to your account bot platform in two tabs or 2 browsers. Then upload both bots separately. 

Set Parameters

Set the Stake to 0.35, set the same account balance target and error stake.  

Run the Bot

Set the time in both bots 2 minutes ahead of your local time and start the bot
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